2017 TennisGear Adult Championships Draws

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Welcome to the 2017 TennisGear Championships to be held at Morningside Tennis Centre Sunday August 20th

Thank you for entering this years annual TennisGear Champs!

It is going to be a great day playing tennis with friends and family and other TennisGear members.

We will be putting on a BBQ and Drinks from about midday.

Please see below all the draws and times for the day:

Open Singles 8am Start

Pool A

Julien Alibert

Steve Moorhouse

Ben Devenish-Mears

Pool B

Daniel Flynn

Michael Morton

David Sams

Pool C

Diego Diaz

Ben Keightley

John Gleeson

Pool D

Bogdan Lujic

Cameron Jorss

Michael Miano

Pool E

Lazar Lujic

Dean Murray

Ian Donaldson

Pool F

Alex Power

Marcus Small

Udai Singh

Pool G 

Rob Smith

Gabe Uzum

Frank Hunjas

Pool H

Misha Rouyanian

Michael Teren

Scott Coulthart

A Grade Singles 10am Start

Pool A

Adam Stuart

Meng Tan

Tim Muguira

David Noble

Pool B

Anthony Bishop

Justin Giovanni Turner

Peit Van Deik

Juan Adab

Pool C

Kerry Francis

Nathan Winch

Jazz Griffin

Ian Guimares

Pool D

Mark Petersen

Stephen Howell

Anish Matthew

Huy Hoang

B Grade Singles 8am Start

Pool A

Emily Sharp

Dion Read

Breony Heanue

Pool B

Shannon Pohio

Sophia Arkinstall

Capucine Emonel

Pool C 

Darren Ho

Natasha Killen

Elicia Wright

Pool D

Jimmy Carsons

Jesse Salas

Jenny Frenaughty

Open Doubles 12pm Start

Pool A

Graham Harrsion & Simon O’leary

Ben Keightley & Ben Devenish-Mears

Alex Power & David Sams

Scott Coulthart & Michael Morton

Udai Singh & Matt Wall

Pool B

Rob Smith & Fabian Alistair

Branko Concarevic & Ivonne Amrozkiewicz

Frank Hunjas & Brittany Hickey

Gabe Uzum & Diego Diaz

Cameron Jorss & Misharouyanian

Anthony Brown & Ryle Cenabre

A Grade Doubles 12pm Start

Pool A

Nathan Winch & Huy Hoang

David Noble & Nicholas Norton

Justin Giovanni Turner & Adam Stuart

Jenny Frenaughty & Nivesh Jaiswal

Pool B

Stephen Howell & Greg Sankowsky

Meng Tan & Hau Tan

Adam Cairns & Rory Campbell

Sturat Morris & Steve Milton

B Grade Doubles 12pm Start

Pool A

Rob Lowery & Clare Beer

Vincent Li & Robin Lu

Zhanjie Ma & Tony Zhang

Sally Donaldson &

Pool B

Danny Tanks & Patricia Giannino

Hayden Dupuy & Scarlett Den Bakker

Emily Sharp & Sophia Arkinstall

Capucine Emonel & Melinda O’Neill