Special deals on Tennis Bags and Backpacks

TG Merry Christmas

Special deals on Tennis Bags and Backpacks

For the month of December, we’re excited to provide some amazing deals on tennis BAGS and BACKPACKS at TennisGear. These bags and backpacks are available as either a single racquet backpack, 6 racquet bag, 9 racquet bag or 12 racquet bag which can also hold balls, shoes and a change of clothes.
A tennis backpack or bag can make a great gift for yourself or anyone into the game!
They’re available by either purchasing them online or coming into one of our pro-shops at Shaw Park, Morningside, Emerson or Playford. Merry Christmas!

Head Sale Click Here 

Head Back pack special Dec 17

Babolat Sale Click Here

Babolat Bag special Dec 17

Wilson Sale Click Here

Wilson Bag Sale Dec 17