14 Day Cancellation Policy

Unlike almost every other tennis coaching business and most other sports, at Tennis Gear you don’t need to commit to a long-term coaching arrangement and pay a large sum of money in advance before your child knows if the sport is for them. We’ve all heard stories about parents being locked in to paying for full semesters of sports or music lessons, even if they decide they don’t like it or get injured.

At the Morningside Tennis Centre we want to make sure our policy is simple, clear and doesn’t lock you in to unnecessary long-term payments. If you ever want to stop your child’s tennis coaching payments all we require is 14 days written notice, either by emailing morningside@tennisgear.com.au or by filling in one of our cancellation forms. Your lesson payments will then be stopped 14 days from the date you submit the email or form to us.

There you go. Nice and simple. No traps. No problems. No long term commitments. Just some of the best tennis coaching in Brisbane!


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